Finally pike fishing again! 5 top lures for a successful start into the pike season

When fishing you never know exactly what will happen, because nature is constantly changing. The more variable the angler adjust to the conditions, the higher the chance of success. One lure can make the difference between success and failure! To get you off the water successfully, we recommend five lures.

Real Eel
Eels can be found just about anywhere where there are pike and they are at the top of the menu! The fatty meat is a real energy booster for the duck beaks. It is therefore not surprising that the Real Eel has been hooking capital pike for many years! There are even two different versions to be able to adjust optimally to current conditions. The Loose Body version only needs to be hooked onto a jigging head and you are ready to go. If you want it to be easy and even more realistic, you can go for the "ready-to-fish" version.

One of the biggest advantages of the Real Eel are the many adaption possibilities. It works at low speed as well as at high speed, flat or deep, thrown, towed or vertical - the Real Eel is a real all-rounder! 


3D Goby Shad
If the pike are still holding in the shallows, it can be effective to pull your lure in slow motion through the hot area. The 3D Goby Shad is predestined for this task! The wide profile and the big tail ensure a stable run even without weights. Only very few rubber fish on the market can master this feat. To excite the pike even at this slow presentation, the Goby Shad flanks very provocatively from one side to the other.

In order to stimulate the pike to the maximum, the Goby Shad is additionally provided with DNA attractant. If he then follows the shad, he has this scent in his nose all the time, so that the chance of an attack is significantly increased! Ideally the shad is mounted on the Cork Screw System or Punch Rig Head with one or two trebles.

goby shad

3D Jerkster PHP
Jerkbaits are classic for the summer season and the Jerkster has made its name here! The design is super realistic! If you know how to create the right strokes with your rod, you will quickly be able to create the dance of the Jerkster. When it flashes from one side to the other, so many stimuli are emitted that it often hails very hard attacks.

As if that wasn't enough, the Jerkster has the ability to adapt to the conditions. There is a small plug on the back, which you can easily open with the tip of a hook and you can get to the inner workings. There are glass and metal spheres which influence the sound as well as the sink rate. So, if you want the Jerkster to be light and silent, you can simply remove the balls. This way you can fish in even shallower areas without touching weeds or the bottom of the water. But if you want to fish deeper, you can simply add more weight. This makes the area of application very wide and enables the angler to adapt quickly to the conditions.


Cannibal Shad

The Cannibal Shad has been in our program for a very long time and this is due to its amazing catchability! The big paddle and the notches in the tail area make for a very lively run! In addition, it flanks wonderfully from one side to the next and thus flashes additionally. This behavior can be seen even with very light jigging heads, which makes it suitable for a wide range of applications. Shallow or deep, due to the weight of the jig head we adapt this shad to the conditions of the water. Jigging, lyres, trolling or lazy, deep or shallow water, the Cannibal Shad can be used in many ways and makes it a reliable lure at the start of the season.


3D Hard Pike
Pike patterns are an absolute "must have" in the bait box after spawning. The female pike now like to eat their admirers! The times of love are long gone and now - hunger rules again! Basically, every pike has its own territory and only go for relatives its proximity. If a small jack gets lost in the territory of the old pike lady, he gets into trouble for this impudence. Even if the big pike is not hungry, it cannot accept the small predator. We fishermen can take advantage of this fact and that is exactly what the 3D Hard Pike was developed for.

The extremely realistic design is no coincidence, because here too nature served as inspiration and a jack pike provided their data for this. Not only the realistic look, but also the natural swimming behavior provides the perfect illusion. The 3D Hard Pike sinks very slowly, making it ideal for shallow areas. Just cast out, reel in slowly and the 3D Hard Pike does the rest!

hard pike
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