Quick and dirty

You have probably already had these conversations with your fishing buddy. We asked Dalien these 5 questions – And the answers are GREAT!

What is your best source of food/energy when fishing?

Usually I do not eat much during the fishing day. I do not have time for a meal break, especially in warm weather. Usually I get a "burek" - Bosnian meat pie and yoghurt in the morning and then drink a lot of liquid during the day and that`s it. When occasion is special during winter months, a meal is nice, and my favorite is a warm stew from the thermo bottle or heated up in the boat. When I take time to make goulash, usually means it is a special trip with special people and it is a meal to remember. Sometimes nice homemade sausages and cheese can also be nice, and recently I'm into Weber gas grill, which cooks awesome, but takes a little more preparation, so it must be a semi-fishing trip


What is your worst injury when fishing?

Well, I'm quite fortunate (or cautious enough) and I did not get severely injured in my 30 years of fishing. A hook in hand here or there, and a bruise here and there but nothing special really. Interestingly, my elder always told me that I will feel rheumatism from all the cold days I spent on the river. I am fresh in my 40`s now and do not feel any of that. Hopefully, it stays that way.

I did roll one time from the kayak in quite heavy river current. That was not funny at all. Luckily, I was wearing a life vest. Never forget to wear a life west in kayak, but also in smaller boats!


If you were not fishing, what would you be doing ?

I played bass in quite popular Croatian author reggae/rock band ST!llness  for 7 years. I toured, played gigs, recorded albums and all of that cool stuff. Was great, but I got family going and quit that basically for fishing and more steady life. I cannot imagine life without nature and fishing. Guess now I would be more focused on my family business and that would probably be better in a lot of ways, but that would not be me.


What is your best or worst fishing story?

A lot of awesome stories will get unfolded while in the element of nature. I remember as kids my buddy and I caught the same roach on two different rods. So, it ate two baits and we landed it at the same time. Most recent unforgettable moment was taking my 76-year-old grandad (he is not my actual grandad, but it feels that way) for a zander fishing trip.  He fished for zander in his youth but hasn't been on the river for 30 years or so.

That day was humid and uncomfortably cold, and there was no action whatsoever. Grandpa was losing focus and fishing motivation, right until I made a few adjustments with his tackle and BOOOOM. He had a good fish on! Turned out to be a nice 4,5 kilo zander. After we got it in the net, I was cheering for him and we were all excited, until he had to take a seat and eventually started crying. Tears was dropping from being overwhemled, happiness, sadness and guess awareness of how life passes by. He said, I'm 76-years-old and I never ever thought I will catch a zander again - It was a powerful moment, I will never forget!

If you could choose only one fishing method for the rest of your life – What would it be?

That is one tough question. For several years, bass fishing has been most exciting for me as there are so many different techniques and patterns this fish can be caught - on the same day, the same body of water!

Guess the main motivation in my fishing is always finding and exploring new ways of catching fish and understanding their routines, patterns, reactions, pushing the envelope on out of box approaches like Go big or go home, heavy cover fishing, drawing reaction strikes etc. Guess my favorite technique is the one that`s exciting at given time and I'm just learning about it. This will keep me awake before the alarm in the mornings.

At the moment, it is saltwater fishing and mastering modern days electronics with pelagic fishing. I am blessed to be living in Croatia with so many different fishing opportunities so really it is hard to name one as I know after some time, I will be longing for something different.