Urban kayak exploration

At the right time, at the right spot-this is a rule that every angler knows and tries to implement. However, if many anglers fish the same spots, good spots change. The fish adapt to this situation and avoid the anglers. Now you as an angler have a choice, either you just keep going and hope for the luck factor, or you take your fate in your hands and look for the fish! Christian Wieneke does not trust in the luck factor, but in his Highrider Kayak! With it he fishes at spots that are unreachable for other anglers and that in the middle of the city!

Our cities often offer beautiful waters and it is not for nothing that street fishing is becoming increasingly popular. Fishing for a few hours after work relaxes your mind and is a lot of fun. However, there are also a few difficulties to get good fish. The banks are not accessible through buildings and fences so it's not easy to get good spots. 


Those spots that are accessible are also visited by many anglers and the fish move to other locations. If you want to be successful now, you have to follow them! That's exactly why I use the Savage Gear Highrider Kayak! Weighing in at just 20 kilos, it's easy to transport and set up anywhere. All you need is an accessible shore! When I first tested the kayak I was surprised at how fast and maneuverable it is. This allows you to search considerably more spots than with a bellyboat. 


Also I don't have my legs in the water all the time, which I find very comfortable. Furthermore I am not exactly small with 1.91 meters, but in a highrider kayak there is still enough space to take enough tackle with me. So you have everything with you to have a good time. The cities offer many spots that you can see with the naked eye. Bridges are probably one of the most obvious ones. If you can only throw under the bridge at a certain angle from the shore, I can kayak under it and fish everything. 


This way I catch those fish that are otherwise not reached. Boat pontoons are absolute attractions for food fish and predators, but often not accessible at all from the shore and therefore real hot spots. No problem for the kayak! Overhanging trees often look quite inconspicuous, but often harbour a big surprise! From the kayak I am in the perfect angle to throw directly under the tree. Such casts have often brought me the dream fish I had hoped for!


If you want to see the kayak in action, watch this video