Waiting for the summer… to END!

The end of Summer and start Autumn is always a bit of off season for me. Usually, it is too warm to fish for pike responsibly.

Lots of social stuff going on like parties, festivals, enjoying the weather with friends and just relax and recharge. Even though this year is completely different due to the pandemic I am still taking It a bit slow before all hell breaks loose again.


Right now the heat has been replaced by heavy rain and wind. It seems to be either insanely warm or extremely wet there is no middle ground during the summer. Another reason to look forward towards autumn with so much anticipation!

Last year autumn was insanely good. Many fish over the 115cm mark for myself, friends and guests on board while guiding. We’ll just have to wait a few more weeks before it all starts again! Before autumn starts I will drop a full article on the Savage Gear website, part of a 4 part series that covers each season throughout the year!


Till then, just a few more weeks of patience my friends!