Winter blues

Autumn is already fully underway in all its glory. The weather is erratic, with calm sunny days followed by days that are just… let me put it kindly - not worth setting the alarm early.

I’ve had a few days where the alarm goes off in a pitch-black bedroom and the first things I can hear are the wind bashing against the windows and the rain lashing down. Not tempting.

However, things do look amazing at this time of year – the scenery is at its most stunning. Yellow, orange and green are mixed beautifully with golden hour at its finest and the fish… man oh man, those fish are getting bigger and bigger with each cold day that passes.

I love these months, but winter has already started to kick in – the days feel so short and the weather feels colder by the day. It won’t be long until the activity from pike and other predator fish goes down too. I am simply not ready for it… yet! 


The size of these perch that fellow angler Alejandro catches on the new baits is insane! 

We missed out on so much this summer due to the global pandemic and the prospect of having to sit inside during a large portion of the coming winter isn’t very appealing to me and many others. So, what can we do?

Traveling is still very challenging, so let’s not cover that. Thinking about all those locations I want to visit makes my winter blues levels rise even more. I will find my energy in small, achievable things to look forward to instead.

Besides the traditional slow trolling above deep, clear water, I will try to mix things up a bit more this winter, and fish as active as possible. For me, the deadbait game has lost its allure (personal thing, I know) and I want to fish just with lures. Get some zander action going, try to fish for big perch in the winter. Savage Gear just launched a range of new products that are perfect for that style of fishing.

The new range of crank baits are producing so many big fish for fellow anglers, I need to give that game a go. If not just for the sheer fun of it, then to prepare for coming tournaments in 2021. A man can only hope, right guys?


Lucky show while pike fishing…