Huge pike from Norway

Norwegian angler, Arni Kupstas, has had quite a season already, but nothing beats this beast of a fish. A fish that could weigh up til 16kg.

Arni was fishing in a lake in Norway. The target was big pike, but like all anglers know - these fish do not come easily. It was not until the last drift, that he got the strike on his Savage Gear 3D Rattle Trout. A strike he did not even dare to hope for. First, it felt like a medium sized pike, but after a few moments, it came to the surface and Arni realized what was attached to the end of his line. This was an absolute monster! Even though the pike was big, Arni felt in control and after some long minutes, he could butt the net under the belly.

Arni is fishing from a smaller rubber boat fitted with a gasoline engine and an echosounder. He was not sure to bring it in the boat our not, but this fish was worth a decent photo. Because of the size of the boat and the fish, it was hard to get a photo and with short time, it was more important to put it back fast.

The 16kg is not confirmed - but what a fish! Hard work pays off after all!!!



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