3 +120cm fish – This is the lure he uses

3 +120cm fish during the testing period must be approval of this lure! We asked Rickard Linderot, the Swedish big mama angler about how he obtains success with the 4D Pulse Tail trout.

Why are you using the Pulse Tail trout?
I really like the 25cm Pulse Tail. I have never fished with a lure that has these capabilities. In my world, this is not a really big lure, but it pushes a lot of water, which means that it feels like a big lure. Giving this reason, I have great contact to the lure, which also gives some explosive strikes and makes it fun. One very interesting thing I noticed about this lure, is that it has a tendency to catch quality fish over quantity. I do not catch a lot of fish on this lure, but I definitely catch bigger fish. In 2019, only on the 4D Pulse Tail Trout, I caught 8 pikes exceeding 110cm with 3 of them being over 120cm. How many I caught over the meter, I do not have the exact number, but for sure it is more than 30 pikes.


What spinning technique do you use?
Pulse Tail works best for me when I do steady retrieve. I do not do a lot of spin stop; I just do a monotone steady retrieve. Some days, even slowing the Pulse Tail Trout down, can have a very good effect on the bigger pikes. One of the first trips I had I caught 35-40 pikes with different lures, but the three biggest I got was on the Pulse Tail. Topping the chart was three fish on 123, 121 and 112cm. After that day, I was hooked!


What rod setup do you use?
When I am throwing the 25cm Pulse Tail trout, I like to use the Savage Gear Custom Predator 240g combined with an Okuma Komodo 463. This is my go-to combo for big lures. I can go up to 400g on this setup. I would not recommend it though.