3D Goby Shad getting shredded by huge pike

What I find most interesting in my role as a pro-staffer is the fact that I discover the range, test the material in its smallest details and find new efficient patterns!

And this happened to me very recently when I was fishing in the river with my buddy Tanguy on my boat. Initially, we were looking for zander and perch, but as the river was in a phase of rising water, the fish were not to be found because they were hidden in the docks, where it is forbidden to fish.

So, during mealtime, I started to think and wonder what to do? We are on a typical pike fishing spot, with a beautiful plateau at the end of a peninsula. I decided to give it a try!

Tanguy takes out the chips, I take out a 3D Goby Shad. He gets the sandwiches, I get the Punch Rig Head and a stinger. I set all this up and I start fishing, the opportunity to see how this lure swims (first time I fish with it). The swimming is sublime, with this brand new assembly, I have an excellent feeling!


I make 10 casts - there will not be 11.

As the lure swings 2m from the boat, a huge pike comes out of nowhere and bite into the shad! Probably the most BRUTAL attack I've ever seen in my fishing life, a raging madness!!!

Tanguy saw it live too and he is hallucinating!

The fight begins, a fight of rare violence! Besides, I have little wire outside so the pike is giving me a hard time. I am under pressure not to lose him. The XLNT3 20-70gr is curved but it's doing its job, the Okuma Ceymar casting reel holds the shock and allows me to manage the rushes!

Tanguy pulls a string from space and the fish finds itself at the bottom of the net after a short but intense fight! Incredible action, I still can't believe it. And what a fish!


The fish has completely shut down the 3D Goby Shad, the tail came out through the ear to tell you! I can't believe it.


Luckily, the triples are not far away, and I can unhook it without any problem and release it quickly after a few express photos! 

A space fish, a raging attack, an epic fight and all between buddies. Priceless !