Big river chub!

Spinning for big chub is not an easy fishing. Especially in big river, like Vistula in Poland.

During May this year the water level in Vistula was very low, like in the summer. A lot of rubble streambed venues were available for fishing. Inland reefs are ideal chub fisheries. For chub fishing, I use the Savage Gear Parabellum CCS rod, 279cm length with casting weight of 5-18 grams coupled with Okuma Inspira reel in size 30. Best braid for me in such a setup is Adrenaline V2 in 0,10mm diameter. It gives me possibility to cast very far with small and light lures. Power of the rod gives also possibility to catch big chub in very strong current. In May we had days with big numbers of caught fish! The biggest chub this year was monster of 62 cm length!!! You need to try this rod, it’s pure pleasure to fish with it.

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