Big river zander!

Fishing in river for big zander is a very hard fishing, which requires a very good knowledge of the fishery.

This time the target was big zander from the river. Me and my guest were focus on finding big zander, catfish and asp. First place was the one, that gave us big fish. There were no catfish there, but zanders and asps.

In the first half of an hour we manage to catch very big zander and very big asp. We use strong rods, Savage Gear MPP2 with casting weight up to 100g and 259 cm of length with strong braid Adrenaline V2 0,33mm. Success was possible by the new Cannibal Shad 12,5cm in Burbot Firetiger color!

We didn't have much time to fish this day, because of a big storm, so we have to went back to the harbor