Blade Bait - my summer choice for perch

During summer, large perch are often capricious. Then you have to reach for non-standard lures. Sometimes the fish prey intensely only half an hour a day. Then their appetite weakens. My way to get the striped tigers to strike is to make an aggressive action of vibrating blade bait - The VIB Blade.

During the summer heat, preying periods for large perches can be short and irregular. If I see surface attacks, I reach for poppers. But if you can't see the fish on the surface, I put my faith in the VIB Blade and tie to the end of the trace. The very aggressive action is hard for the perch to ignore. You can fasten the snap in several eyes in the lure. I can choose its action according to the preferences of the fish.


I usually fish perch with lures well visible in the water

I am fishing the lure in several ways. I like to bring it down to the bottom and with a violent movement, I pick it up and steadily and slowly retrieve it in my direction. Sometimes, I accelerate or stop for a few seconds. The falling lure work a bit differently and often this is a signal to attack. I pick up, retrieve, stop, repeat... I try to play the lure the way perches like it. 


VIB Blade is for me a guarantee of catching heavy, summer perches

Thanks to the weight of the lure and its minimal profile during flight, I can reach fish far from the shore. Often in such inaccessible places the biggest perches lurk. If I do not have a bite close to the bottom, I'm running VIB Blade in the middle of the water column or even fast under the surface. Here too, I apply the stop rule, i.e. a momentary pause in retrieve, during which the lure dives towards the bottom. It is at these moments that I have the most strikes. I never move on summer perch without a few Blade Baits in a box. It's a guarantee for me of a good day and excitement from the fight with nice fish. Zanders, who see an easy prey in an aggressively working lure, are also a frequent bycatch.


In clear water I reach for lures in natural colors.

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