Color matters

When I’m angling, I start with lures in colors like yellow, aquamarine or orange. And often I don't have to change anything all day long.

Predators use their eyes when hunting. That's why I use bright lures.

Pikes and zanders are using their sight when seeking for prey. That’s why I usually use lures that are clearly visible in the water. I especially pay attention to it during cloudy days, or when I fish in deeper venues. I know that fish see colors differently than people, but my experience shows that it is easier for pike to locate and hit a lure that stands out in water. The bites are more perky and aggressive, and this translates into more safely landed predators.

It doesn’t matter if I’m going for trolling or spinning. Whether I fish on a large lake or in a small reservoir or it’s early spring or winter. I always start with lures in aggressive colors. When fishing this way, I often manage to catch zanders. I noticed that they are not deterred by the size of lure and the color clearly attracts them. Even when predators aren't preying, they follow the lure in an aggressive color out of curiosity. This can be seen especially in reservoirs with clean water or in shallow fisheries. A large pike can follow the soft lure right to the very boat side or under your feet if you're wading when fishing. In such situations I do not change the color of lure and I’m looking for another way to attract predator, like drive the lure in a different way. Sometimes I make sudden movements with lure and other time the opposite, I drop it to the bottom for a moment. This intrigues pikes which attacks very often then.


I caught most zanders with bright color lures


When fishing in shallow venues I'm starting with such lures