Defying Gravity

This year my main summer focus has been Bass. I live just 30 minutes from the coast and with a vast lineup of saltwater lures available in the Savage Gear range, I decided to get out and have some fun.

On a summer morning, a package arrived on my doorstep with some new toys to try. I could not wait to get out. A new range of soft plastics called the Gravity Stick Kit, designed by Mads Grosell and bass legend Henry Gilbey.

The thought process behind these lures really shows. They come in a mix of colors with 3 tail designs. A paddle tail, pintail and pulsetail to suit a range of scenarios. In the kit you get 2 EWG hook types, weightless and 3g. Tungsten spikes and rattles are included for fine tuning. The plastic of the lures themselves hold the key to the name. It is dense and heavy yet supple. The design of the mold places the weight towards the center / rear meaning even weightless they cast extremely far.


Rigging has been made easy the EWG hooks have a corkscrew. Bass hit hard and wreck lures, this type of fitting ensures they will last numerous fish even with regular lure changes.

When rigging big weedless plastics hook placement can be awkward. Especially on a rocking boat or while wading the coast attempting to dodge waves. The gravity stick has a circular hole marking the point of entry. This ensures a perfect fit for the hooks while a slot keeps the point protected.

Minor adjustments can be made after, whether it be changing the balance or sink rates with the tungsten spikes or adding some rattle.

Back to the fishing. These lures are perfect for shallow fishing over rock and reef, day or night. Twitch, wind or allow them to fish static through current there is plenty of possibilities.


In my case I was targeting a shallow sand bank with extreme rip currents and a sheer drop off. There are lots of lugworm here and sandeel also visit on the flood tide. I used the 3g EWG with a couple of tungsten spike to keep down in the current. The technique I chose was casting up the rip & letting the lure work across the flow with twitches & jerks. It was not long before the bass moved in. Mid retrieve a fish engulfed the lure with a take strong enough to scream drag. For a moment, the fish held still, holding in the current. Suddenly it turned into the rip pulling a good 20yds of braid of the reel. I gave chase down the beach fearful of allowing to much distance with curious seals nearby.


The next few minutes were a tug of war gain 5yds lose 15 until the fish began to tire. I steered the bass across the current slipping my pan net beneath her. What a result a quick photo and I recovered the bass to swim free. The action continued for the next hour or so before the turn of the tide brought calm.

I fished the gravity sticks with the 9ft’2 15-42g salt ccs. A 30 size Okuma reel. 20lb hd4 braid & 8ft of 20lb fluorocarbon as a rubbing leader. A fairly heavy setup but in these extreme currents they still gain the upper hand. I cannot wait to try them on lighter kit in some secluded coves. The pure adrenaline when bass hit the lure and take off, keeps me coming back time and time again.