Every angler has his favorite lure. Mine is a 3D Roach imitation

I love pike fishing in shallow and overgrown fishing spots. I have tested many lures in such conditions. 3D Line-Thru Roach proved to be my favorite weapon of choice. That's why I never go fishing without it.


Lures that imitate the natural prey of predators are one of my ways for pikes. Some of lures look great, others work impeccably. But in my opinion the 3D Line-Thru Roach combines these two important features. With its snaking work, even during very slow retrieving, it looks like a real roach to an illusion. And this can be a temptation even for poorly feeding pikes. In very shallow fisheries I start to retrieve it just after it falls into the water. 

In slightly deeper venues, I wait 2 or 3 seconds and only then I start retrieve. From time to time I pause or gently pick up the lure with the rod. At this point the attack usually occurs. Depending on the fishery and what fish are most in it, I choose the color of Rudd, natural Roach or Bream. In very dirty waters, or during cloudy days I reach for bright colors. 





Many huge pikes could be fooled by a Roach imitation


Where pikes feed on Rudd, I reach for that color

When pike attack the 3D Line-Thru Roach, it is strong and reliable. Fish rarely fall from hooks of this lure. This is helped by the reliable Line Thru system, which prevents the predator from getting rid of the lure. I love this moment before the fish strikes. Somewhere nearby reeds are wobbling, weeds are spreading, or you can just see a wave heading towards the lure. Only after a while does a mighty bite occur and the fight begins. This is my number one lure and not only at the beginning of the season. Even in autumn or early winter I manage to catch pike in shallow fisheries. No wonder. Such a bite is hard to resist.


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