First review of the 3D Hard Pike

I have been testing the new 3D Hard Pike swimbait from Savage Gear. I think this lure is amazing doing spring fishing when the big pre-spawned pikes are going to more shallow waters to find spawning ground.

The hard swimbait looks exact like a small pike that could be swimming around in the shallow waters looking for a female. Often there will be an intriguing game between the pikes before spawning and a big female will don’t hesitate to attack a smaller” jack pike”. That’s why this new lure is so amazing doing this period, you can really trigger the bites from the bigger females located on shallow waters.

image 1

This new lure have an amazing s-curve action in the water and in my opinion the closest you get to imitate a real ”jack pike”. When I have been testing this new lure, I have tried various techniques. First off, I tried slow retrieving in deeper waters with the big hard pike (26 cm & 130g). There you could get some hard strikes on this lure, in my opinion the closer you get to imitating the” real deal” the harder attacks you will get. So, a really good idea fishing with the bigger size hard pike is absolutely try long spin stops and get the lure to do nice big s-curve action in the water

image 2

I found out that the most effective way to fish this bait in this time a year pre-spawning time (Spring) was to take the smaller size Hard Pike in 20cm slowsink and really work with the bait, almost like a jerkbait. Really do some various retrieve with the hard pike, fast, slow, long spinstops, and just do some small jerks with the rod tip while you have a long spinstop, I did this with the slow sink model over more shallow water ( 1 – 1,5 meters of water ) and this really triggered the big pre-spawned female pikes that are searching for spawning grounds right now. And it was very clear for me that these attacks I had while fishing this way was territorial attacks from the bigger females on the small 3D hard pike fished very abnormally.

image 3

I have now caught over 30 pikes on the same hard pike and it still works perfect and the good thing with hard baits is that last long and you can have a hard bait longer in you baitbox than a softlure.


My best recommendations on the brand new – Savage Gear 3D Hard Pike


Nick Nordahl Wallem

Savage Gear Prostaff – Denmark

image 4