Fishing vacation! Preparation and planning!

I love the endless expanses of Scandinavia and the freedom of being able to overnight every day – Just next to the hotspot.

Like in the past couple of years I will plan to go on a journey to the beautiful Scandinavia with my girlfriend during summer. The indescribably beautiful nature, the good fish population and the so-called "Allemannsretten" (The freedom to roam) make this "road trip" a wonderful experience!

I would like to explain you briefly how I plan such an excursion and what I take with me.


The Highrider Kayak takes you places where others can’t go, and it is easy to have on the road. Easy to inflate and you are good to go!

Local destinations

I look at Google Maps for interesting waters with some key roads to spend the night and fish. Of course, you can also sleep right next to the main road, but who wants that? We usually plan the first 2-3 nights. From then on you can also use your smartphone and think about what you want to fish and adapt to the weather conditions.


Sneaky frog – The 3D Frog is perfect for fishing between lilly pads and weeds.

Fishing equipment

You should be careful not to "overcharge" your car or van. This happens very quickly on a 2-3-week trip with several target fish. But what I have learned to love is our Highrider kayak. Quickly inflated it allows you to get to places that only boat owners can get to. You can also reach river mouths where there is no way or path to, or deeper spots in the saltwater fjord.


EXPLOSION – When the pike hits this baby, there is no mercy!

Without my pike equipment I will not go to Sweden! My 4-piece Hitch Hiker rod in 30g-70g and some topwater lures, especially the 3D Frogs, 3D Snake and the 3D Rad always come with me! I use the frogs for weedy spots and with the 3D Snake and the 3D Rad I trigger all the other pikes. In Swedish Lapland there are an incredible number of lemmings, which are very similar to the 3D Rad.

The Hitch Hiker has the ideal backbone to hook the pike with all kinds of topwater lures. It is also very small when assembled and easy to stow (also ideal for Pollack fishing).


The lemming – Sweden is home to a lot of lemming, which the 3D Rad can be easily mistaken for.