Full variety for perch

There are many perch techniques and many more perch lures. Our program offers a comprehensive selection of perch candy. Pro Staff member Arnulf Ehrchen shows you some favorites that should not be missing in any perch box.

Different types of water, very different depths - plus the whims of the perch: When fishing for the striped predators, we can't get by with just one bait. With a good selection of lures, we do not only cover all depths in which perch hunt, but we are also guaranteed to have something with us that triggers attacks with its vibrations. Here are a few lures that should definitely be included (from left to right):

Sometimes it's time for the supreme discipline - Topwater fishing! If you have the smallest 3D Smashtail with you, you are guaranteed to have fun!

In the summer waters are stuffed with baby perch after the spawning time. Perfect cannibal food that is ingeniously imitated by the slightly transparent perch decor of our 3D Twitch Minnow.


The TPE Soft Vibe offers vibration without noise. A great bait to outsmart cautious schooling perches - especially with the inconspicuous versions

No perch fan should leave the house without spinners. Arnulf always has a couple of Rotex spinners with him.

Small, bottom-oriented prey fish such as gobies or ruffe are often extremely popular with perch. Our 3D Goby Crank PHP imitates them perfectly.


If the drop shot rig is the weapon of the day, Arnulf uses the LB 3D Bleak Real Tail - with success!

On large deep lakes, wild perch hunts often take place well below the surface. With the SG Switch Blade Minnow - especially in 11 and 18g - you can catch the predators easily at depths of 4 to 6 meters.

Among all the small shads in the Savage Gear range, I have a favorite: the 4D Herring Shad in Green Silver and 9cm. The only problem: Even decent pike love him as much as I and the perch do. So never fish them without a short steel trace in front of it!


Here is Arnulf’s must haves from his tackle box. A good variety of lures that are silent, make noice, sends vibrations, go shallow, go deep in different colors and sizes. He is always prepared.