Impossible days are over with this trick

Flemming Miller finally cracked the code for seatrout fishing. Read here, how he is triggering the fish on the impossible days.

Summerfishing for seatrout is not for the weak hearted. Flemming Miller knows this better than anyone. For weeks, he was stuck catching smaller fish or no fish at all. But his vast experience has taught him one thing – Keep fishing and trying new approaches! And so, he did.

The past week has been nothing short of incredible for him. His local costal waters are on fire and he is bagging fish after fish. The fishing is hard, but he cracked the code after trying numerous of different things. 

image 1

Flemming Miller keep trying new things and here, the fish feel for the long spinstop made on the sand, just before the weed starts again.

The conditions has been the worst for a dedicated seatrout angler. Low water, sun and gin clear. The hardest of the hardest conditions, but where there is a will, there is a way and Flemming found it.

Speedspin was the way to go. The trout only has a few seconds to decide to strike or not. By adding very short spinstops, the trout will have a chance to catch up and strike it hard! Do not be afraid of going too fast though. The trout is fast and often, the reason why people are not successful with this type of technique, is that they go to slow. So, speed it up! 

image 2

Attraction. The rattles inside this lure works provoking on the fish and what was triggered this beauty.

If you are fishing between weeds and sand, make a long spinstop on the edge of the sand and weeds. This usually triggers the fish that has been following for a longer time. It is a take it or leave strategy.

There has been a few lures that has been very effective in the warm water. The Sandeel Pencil has a tendency to go higher in the water, which means that you will be able to make longer spinstops and retrieve it high in the water column.

image 3

Speedspin. The hard conditions were no match for speedspin and hard work

Another important attraction factor is the rattles inside the Sandeel Pencil, which the Line Thru Pencil does not have. The Line Thru Sandeel is silent, which work very well on other days, but when fishing is hard, the rattle is provoking. Always have both in your box. Flemming never leaves home without them. 

The best colors have been Motoroil, Mat White and Sandeel Ghost. 

image 4

Hard work pays off

image 5

Evening and mornings sessions. Flemming has been up early and went to bed late. The best time to fish!

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