Increase your topwater hookup ratio

When I take my first cast in one of the 96.000 lakes in Sweden, the first lure I drag through the lilly pads, is the the 3D Frog! And here is why.

I love the challenge to provoke a topwater bite. Sometimes you will see the pike thrusting towards the lure from 5m away. That is the time when I stop breathing until the big splash!

It is not easy fishing though! The big noisy Frog can spook the fish, or you do cast after cast but nothing happens. Savage Gear have two different frogs, the 3D Pop and the 3D Walk Frog. I use the “quiet” Walk Frog when the water is shallow and calm. The reason is, you do not spook the pike and perch.


The Pop Frog is great for getting the attention of predators that needs awakening.

The reason is, you do not spook the pike and perch. Try the more aggressive Pop Frog over deeper water or if it is windy and you have some waves on the surface. The “Popper-Head” makes a lot of noise and creates pressure under the water.

In the past, when I started topwater fishing a few years ago, I had a lot of missed bites. The the 3D Frog came on the market now, I am much more effective! The big key is the Single Stinger Hook. If you buy a 3D Walk or Pop Frog, there is an extra Single hook included. 


It is easy to mount to your Frog. You can also choose not to mount it. But with the third hook I have a much better hookup rate! And the hook gap is pointing up, so you won’t have problems with collected weed.

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