Lake Trout Trolling Deluxe

On a Monday the last time I was spontaneously on the lake with my buddy Sebastian to drag the lake trout. If we had known what was going to happen, we wouldn't have believed it.

The weather was going to change drastically the next day, so the air pressure would change rapidly. Normally not the best conditions you would think but it turned out differently. We mounted 8 Savage Gear trolling rods with Okuma Coldwater reels. As bait we used small bait fish on the lip skull and small spoons.

We let our lures run in different depths between 1m and 25m. The rigs were barely deployed and I already got a bite on the rod that was running deep. The sideplaner was pulled backwards and the brake started to screech. 


Succesfull Treasure Hunt: Trolling for lake trout can bring findest silverware in the boat

After a good drill a beautiful lake trout with 55cm was in the landing net and the joy was great. But it should come even better...An hour passed by when suddenly the same rod crooked again! It was immediately clear that it had to be a better fish, the pressure on the 2Trolling rod was enormous. After several jumps and escapes Sebastian could lead a silver bar of 70cm over the landing net and we screamed with joy. It couldn't have got any better if you consider that the rule is 200km hauling for a massive trout!

The fish was barely fed when the surface rod went crooked and the brake started to sing its song. This time the fish jumped directly several times out of the water and my knees became softer and softer at the sight and size of this fish! 10min drill and the queen could be landed and we were just speechless! 78cm long and without any marks.


Lake Trout Double Whopper! This double pack made the fishing day perfect!

Probably one of the days you can only experience very rarely and shows me again what a great hobby we have.

Important for this kind of fishing is for me a not too hard rod, a slightly parabolic action is perfect! Most fish are lost in the final phase of the fight with rods that are too hard! That's why I use the SAVAGE GEAR 2Trolling rods and add 20m of SOFT FLUORO CARBON in 0,39mm thickness. On the one hand because of the visibility and as additional buffer to the braided line. Also a big landing net is very important, I have often seen colleagues who have lost good fish because of a too small landing net. On my boat I use the SAVAGE GEAR PRO FOLDING RUBBER LARGE MESH LANDING NET XL which has a size of 70x85cm and offers enough space even for bigger fish.

Nothing would be more annoying than losing the fish of your life due to bad equipment ;-)

I wish all of you similar experiences as I had the chance to experience and big fish.

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