LIVE: seatrout fishing from Denmark

Flemming Miller is one of Savage Gear’s highly profiled seatrout test anglers. He has been catching a lot of fish lately and we talked to him, while he was standing in knee-deep water. He explained that one lure did way better than the other ones.

Savage Gear: Hi Flemming, I know you have been catching a lot of fish lately.

Flemming: It has been quite good lately. I have been fishing for an hour now and already caught 4, but last time I was out, I caught around 15 seatrouts.

Savage Gear: Cool man! What are you doing to catch this many?

Flemming: The temperature rose a bit, and this meant that shrimp is not so abundant in my area anymore. The stickle back are though on the move and it seems like they have been feeding on these.

Savage Gear: So, what has been the number one lure?

Flemming: I am fishing the shallows, so the 8g ISP Seeker in the color white has been hammering fish lately. This does not mean that I am always fishing with this one. When fishing starts to get slow, I experiment and fish new colors, sizes or types.

Savage Gear: Thanks for this Flemming. We are sure that a lot of people can benefit from these learnings.