Lures that can move the most lazy pikes

When the water is cold, there are often days when pikes do not want to prey. Fortunately, there are several ways to move them.

It’s quite often to meet anglers still grumbling that "there are no fish here" or "fish don't bite”. This type of anglers gives up quite easily. However, my observations and experiences show that they're simply fishing in the same way all the time and when pikes stay in the reed, they are unable to get them out of there. Of course, in such moments I experienced several of techniques to encourage the fish to bite. Fast jerking, overloaded jig head or rubber on an offset hook - Or we can very slowly and monotonous retrieve the lure with light jerks.

The last-mentioned technique is less common, so it is terribly effective at the right moments, because predators aren’t used to it. I found this VERY effective! We just have to choose the right lures to gain success.


Large sizes of twister, which is recognized by curltail lures like 3D Hybrid Pike, 3D Burbot, 3D Burbot Shallow or 4D Real Eel are designed for such fishing and at the same time, very easy to use. The lures start to work majestically already at the slowest retrieve, and thanks to their construction we can fish them in shallow water. If only we add short pauses with jerks to slow retrieve, success is almost guaranteed. For such fishing, I always use MPP2 Trigger > 220g casting rod set combined with Okuma Komodo KDS463 multiplier.

I highly recommend that everyone, who thinks their day sucks, to try a twister and use it in right way!