My setup for BIG lake trout

Wintertime is primetime for huge lake trout. Temperatures might be low, but the fish are hungry after the exhausting spawning time. Therefore, it is a perfect time right now, to go and fish for these monsters.

The lake trout is very strong fish and therefore I use the 2Trolling rods from Savage Gear. You can get them in line thru or with regular guides and I use both. The advantages are obvious, like a continuous action and no annoying rings that can lead to tangles, especially when using several rods.

This rod series has enough power reserves for big trout and a slightly parabolic action to prevent the hook from ripping out. I use an Okuma Coldwater reel with line counter, so I always know how much line is in the water and therefore how deep my lures are running. The lake trout hunts from the surface down to depths up to 60m. What worked yesterday might not work today, so be proactive and search the water column to find the fish.


Such sea trout are the reward for icy cold days on the water

Speed is also often a key factor of success when targeting lake trouts. I troll at speeds between 3.5kmh to 4.5kmh depending on water temperature and the mood of the trout. Here, it is important to know the lure you are fishing with. Can it handle the speed that you are trolling with, is it presented the way you want to and how deep does it go?

As bait I use bait fish on the Savage Gear Lip Scull System or slim plugs like the 3D Prey. These baits fit perfectly into the prey scheme of the fish.

This fish is very strong and so I used the Savage Gear 2Trolling rods, which have enough power for big trout and a slightly parabolic action to avoid the hook from being cut.

Also used are the inline models.



Trolling2 Rods from Savage Gear Waiting for Silver


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