New personal best for Sylvain le Dentiste

Touch-free days are tough, aren't they? That's how this session started. Hours with nothing at all, not even a follower. So, while we are at it, we might as well catch just one fish, but a big one.

God knows that a day without activity on a big lake is trying. That is why Sylvain opted for a quick prospection in the soft swimbait with the 13cm Pulse Tail Roach. The Rudd color evoked both the barbels present and the small black bass. Along the bank at 20/25m from the edge, Sylvain made a series of diagonal retrievals in order to cover as much ground and water layers as possible, as slowly as possible.


59cm (233”up) for this monstruous largemouth bass, certainly close or over 4kg…

He slumped down in his belly boat with a good backache, and the touch arrived! A cane snatching in good form! A mountain of extreme power, then a euphoric fight! When a baitcasting mill releases a lot, a lot of wire, it's because it's big! Sylvain knows it, there are monsters here... so let's calm down. Pressure on the fish, net ready and boom! It's in! Imagine the joy at the sight of this monstrous black-bass! 59cm ultra fat measured in flat water, mouth closed. Maybe the fish of a lifetime for Sylvain!

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