One for all!

Where are the fish? Shallow, mid-water or deep? The Fat Tail Spin gives the answer.

The perch roam in different layers of water depending on the season. In the summer months
they tend to stay in the shallows and in the cooler season often deeper. In the warm season, when many small fish are on the way, the perch adjust themselves to this food-source and eat preferentially smaller prey fish. 


This is where the Fat Tail Spin comes in. It is available in 3 sizes from 5.5 to 8cm and in weights of 9, 16 and 24g. With this lure you can search the whole water column for active fish. Whether fast retrieve close to the surface, or in mid-water, up to jigging at the bottom. The big spinner blade, which is attached to the Fat Tail Spin creates attention by rotation and reflection and offers another advantage, it delays the sinking phase of the lure. The spinner blade acts like a parachute, so the lure stays longer in the field of vision and can be attacked better by predators.


The 24g version has additional built-in rattles, which increase the perception under water. The Fat Tail Spin has a special flattened head shape, this provides a strong vibrating action of the lure when cranked in. The Jigspinner is available in 5 different colors. From natural to niretiger there is a suitable color for every water and situation.

The following types of lure presentation are recommended: Simple cranking with different speeds, so you can search the water layers for active fish. You should always take breaks in between, this way the lure sinks down very attractively and is often attacked.

Near the bottom the jig spinner can finally be led like a normal rubber fish and is often taken by perch,zander and pike. I fish the 9g and 16g version of the Fat Tail Spin with the XLNT3 213cm 5-18g together with the Okuma Helios HSX-30FD and the 24g model with the XLNT3 213cm 20-60g. As reel I use the Okuma Ceymar XT CXT-40FD.