Powerfishing is the key to bassfishing

The 3D Crucian Crank is an imitation, of what could be called a "goldfish". However, sometimes this kind of fish can be found swimming in our rivers and lakes.

They can easily be spotted from afar by predators. So, this is where this little lure comes to play.

Personally, I only use the two small models (3.4cm and 4.6cm) in search of bass, perch, chub and trout. The Crucian Crank is available in 5 colors. This range of colors allows to cover many situations, from clear water to murky water. The lure is designed with a lot of 3D details to sublimate the overall effect! The Crucian Crank has a noisy swim, with very powerful wobbling and rolling effects, perfect for attracting fish from far away and for powerfishing! This is typically the kind of lure that is handy for finding areas where fish are active.


Sometimes, all it takes is a pause, when the Crucian rises to the surface, to trigger the attack


Great color variation - bound to make an impact!


That's what i love seeing !!!

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