Q&A for Rickard Linderot for cold waters

Rickard Linderot has dedicated his life to fishing. His current status as he calls it is, father with a patient girlfriend. His fish a lot and his specialty is catching big fish, with a love for pike and perch fishing.

He lives in the Northern part of Sweden, where summers are long and winters seems endless, but the fishing is good and that is why he is such a good tester for Savage Gear. Here is some of his tricks on how to fish during the cold season.

What is your favorite coldwater lure?

One of my favorite cold-water lures is the 25 and 32cm 4D Herring Shad, because of its ability to be retrieved extremely slow and with a nice rolling action. Favorite colors are the red head, green silver and the clear watercolor blood belly. I am looking forward to the new colors though.

How to you fish it?

I have caught four pikes over 10kg on this bait the last two years and all of them by super slow steady retrieve and rocking the rod at the same time. This is a lure that goes really slow with small acceleration intervals in a monotone cycle. 

What equipment do you use?

I use mostly the 240g Custom Predator with the Okuma Komodo 463, since I use both the 25 and 32cm Herring Shad frequently during the colder months. This combo is my go to rod, when it comes to all big swimbaits and shads.

What is your biggest pike on the Herring Shad?

My heaviest pike in the herring shad is a log of a pike weighing 13,49kg.