Returning for the lost MONSTER

To unhook a big pike then catch it again 15 days later 30m later... nice revenge, isn't it?

Grey and windy weather – There is no better way to spend the day, than to go out and stalk pike. I arrived on the spot, but there was no prey in the. I decided to go prospect in the cover. The cover consisted of dead trees and grass beds in the shallow zone. A 20 cm 3D Goby Shad mounted on an EWG 12/0 should do the job.

I was working the shad in the hot zone, but after a few discreet attacks and a few misses close to the branches, there was nothing conclusive. I decide to add a Steel E-Rattle in the tail to generate more noise. 15 days earlier at the same place, a record fish had indeed escaped me, and I thought it could still be there.


I made a cast towards the edge and the shad was buzzing over the weed beds. Booooom! A big swirl, then a dedicated attack! That's it: this long-awaited measured fish is finally here!

After an intense fight, I notice the huge resemblance with the one missed earlier - It was him! A few minutes later, the pike was in the boat with the Goby Shad on the lips. 110 beautiful cm. I am thrilled!

But... what if it wasn't the same one? I have to go back!

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