The 3D River Roach 22cm ... A thick and streamlined body, with breathtaking realism and natural colors

In short, the lure I was waiting for so impatiently that I found myself like a kid in front of the Christmas tree when I finally get it in my hands !
In 5 min, I made a shallow rig with a SpinShad stinger, a piece of Regenerator, sleeves, a second treble hook and splitrings.

Then I go fishing with my girlfriend, Élodie, in a lake totally unknown to me!
We fish the edges meticulously with shads in order to target any size of pike. But we didn't have any bites despite a more than promising spot ! Quite strange...
So I tried the famous River Roach that I set up the day before, in Green Silver Ghost color ! We had been fishing for more than half an hour around a submerged tree, and only a few casts will be enough to trigger a hit ... THE hit! BAM !

I saw the fish going up at least 3m deep to attack the River Roach just below the surface, then struggling like a devil on the surface before plunging down with a big gulp! There follows a great fight with powerful rushs, I had to bridle a maximum to prevent the fish from reaching the branches of the submerged tree!
But I managed to keep it away from the tree and to slip it into the net quickly! YES !!!
At this moment, the confidence you have in your equipment is very important, and I know that I can count on my Big Lure & Jerk ->100g MPP coupled with the Citrix !
A powerful and robust combo that allows to stick a real pressure to the big fish!

I'm on a cloud, it's a beautiful fish in an absolutely incredible shape!
Élodie takes some pictures before I release it, so that he can take a few more centimeters ! A big thanks to her!