Seatrout in the river

Keeping an open mind is vital for success when chasing sea trout in the rivers of Poland.

The start of the sea trout season in Poland is always one of the most highly anticipated moments for anglers around the country – me included! This year I could not wait to target them, and I had decided that instead of on the shore, my main focus would be to fish on the rivers. Sea trout flock into the river systems of Poland each year from the Baltic Sea looking for places to spawn, so it can be a great time to target them. The most difficult thing is deciding on your tactics.


Depending on the conditions, you can catch sea trout with many different methods – spinners, spoons, wobblers, you name it. The only problem is that it can mean you need to bring multiple different rods and set-ups along with you on your fishing trip, so you can remain versatile. Sometimes, this is a real pain ­– but I think I found a do-it-all solution in the Savage Gear SG4 rod range. On my latest trip, I tried the Shore Game model, 274cm in length with a casting weight of 15-42g. I found that it gave me a real edge in my river sea trout fishing. 


It could comfortably handle and work all of the aforementioned lures with ease and its incredibly fast action means it could probably handle others too. It also plays fish incredibly well, giving you control and power, but also letting you feel the fight – I highly recommend this model to all sea trout maniacs like myself. Versatility and flexibility are key for sometimes fussy fish like sea trout and this rods means you can adapt quickly without bringing a whole tackle shop’s worth of kit to the river.