Streetfishing in small harbors

The beginning of summer has brought many herrings. In the wake of these small fish, the predators are lurking.

Because of the abundance of prey living in the Baltic Sea ports, there is a whole bunch of food variation for predators like sea trout, cod and pollack. I would like to give you an impression of how I go about catching some great fish between passers-by and tourists and what exactly is the attraction for this kind of fishing.

First of all, I would like to make it clear that this kind of fishing isn’t relaxing, and the ambience is also a matter of taste. But the advantage of Streetfishing is that you don’t need a boat or waders, it is simply uncomplicated and worthwhile even for less than an hour.

image 2

This is some of Erik Müllers favorites – The new VIB Blade

You should also pay attention and respect the protected areas!

Street fishing can make sense during the day, but also in the middle of the night and can be successful. I usually start with a rod, a backpack and if necessary, a landing net and move quite fast to cover a lot of water. Look for hotspots like drop-offs or floating platforms and large boats. Here, the prey, but also the trout, find shelter.

image 3

Accuracy is key. Fishing close to drop offs and structures

More important than many casts, are accurate casts in these "hot spots". Usually I grab a short rod between 2m and 2.40m. The casting weight should be adapted to the lure and this in turn to the depth of the harbor. In my preferred harbors I use normally 3-15g lures. To name two rod series, I recommend the XLNT3 series and the Salt 1DFR Ultra Light rod designed for saltwater. These rods are paired with Inspira or Helios reel and 0,09mm Silencer braided line.

image 4

A rod between 6-8 feet is perfect for accurate casts with matching casting weight

I use small crankbaits and soft lures. Lately, I have two new favorites! The VIB Blade and the Switch Blade Minnow. The lures go straight to the bottom, make good action and are great to cast.

The exciting thing about street fishing is the wide range of different fish and the possibility to sight fish. If it is still bright outside, you often spot fish and cast straight in front of them. However, polaroid glasses are a huge advantage.

I hope I could animate you into visiting your local harbours.

image 5

A Goby Crank PHP is perfect for seatrout. It is very effective on short distance

image 6

The Switch Blade Minnow gets down fast and casts like a bullet