Summer holiday trout

Holiday trout fishing is simply beautiful. The river is "alive", here and there you see trout bating something from surface, the banks become wild and the fish get thicker and stronger.

I usually go to summer trout in the late evening, when the sun is slowly setting, at these moments’ flies, mayflies and other insects start to descend closer to water, which strongly stimulates the trout. I always start my journey under the current, sending the lures upstream.

Most often I use my favorite 3D Twitch Minnow wobbler or 3D Cicada lure, I bring them back, calmly to me, only with slightly tip poking  (these are really gentle tip movements) I want Minnow to imitate a dying fish that will move slightly from time to time, the same way I work with the Cicada. Trout can't resist such an easy prey, attacking surely. 


However, if they don't succeed and it doesn’t seems they want to try again, I avoid the place, going around with a big bow going above where the fish staying and trying to catch them with the Rotex spinner while fishing on the place for longer. This is often enough to convince wild trout to attack!

For such fishing I use Fast action rods to have better control over the lure. One of my favorite rods is the Custom Coastal 2-10g 221cm, a very sensitive blank which gives me perfect control over the wobbler and also strong enough to withstand a big trout and safely land him.

I strongly urge you to try this technique, you can really surprise yourself!

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