Swimbaits for hot days

Fishing for pike on hot days is not the easy. Fish are cautious and often unwilling to bite. So, how to convince them to attack?

Sunshine, cloudless sky, no waves, high pressure, can't get any worse. Unfortunately, these are often conditions appearing in the summer, so instead of giving up you must find a way to get to the capricious pikes awakened in such weather conditions.


One of my favorite ways of triggering is to have present them with a slow-moving swimbait. Unvarying retrieving of the lure on top of the bank or over the vegetation brings good results. But, if you add a few sharp jerks, alternating with pauses, the lure becomes very attractive for the predator.


One of my favorite swimbaits are 4D Line Thru Trout and 3D Line Thru Roach, these lures seems to keep delivering a steady result. The Trout can spin around its own axis during acceleration, and the Roach moves away from its side, these movements are very tempting for pikes to attack, so I often repeat the scheme - retrieve, acceleration, pause. Seems weird to do, but try it, and I’ll guarantee some sort of reaction!