Printing technologies are getting more advanced every month, or so it seems. If manufacturers want to bring eye-catching products to life, they have to look beyond the fishing tackle industry and innovate on a whole new level.

Savage Gear has embraced these new technologies and has incorporated Photo Chrome printing into its 4D concept, giving its lures ultimate lifelike characteristics.

The best way to create new, revolutionary products is to take inspiration from other branches. This can be how to create a lure that swims more realistically and how to paint it. Painting has long been the preferred way of making lures that stand out to fish and Savage Gear does this very well indeed.

For a long time, Savage Gear has always had a reputation of making realistic and lifelike lures with incredible standout details that really warrant its enviable position of creating and manufacturing breakthrough lures.

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With the new Photo Chrome printing technology, Savage Gear has once again taken its lures to new levels of realism.

 A couple of years back, Savage Gear started to play with the idea of printing a real-life picture on its lures. This was no easy task and it took countless hours of testing, failing and improving the method to make it actually work. The result is nothing short of perfection and Savage Gear has finally cracked the code of printing a high-resolution photo on to a lure, which resembles reality more than ever before. 

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The innovation of these products does not stop there, as each of the soft lure bodies is impregnated with a carefully selected scent that triggers wary predators. While using scent is a common addition to many lures on the market, the big news here is that this scent lasts and lasts! Savage Gear has invented a new way of making the scent last much longer than ordinary scented lures. The process of long-lasting scent was very hard to accomplish; however, it has now been achieved although Savage Gear cannot reveal how it made this happen.

Look for the HOT FEATURE symbol below, placed on the product pages, to identify the products with 4D feature if you want to try it out yourself.