The biggest angling fairs in Poland

A huge pike, trout and roach. These Savage Gear lures aroused the greatest interest among the visitors.

From 6th to 8th of March dozens of companies and thousands of visitors came to the Rybomania fair. Of course, the Savage Gear brand also made its mark there.

Our huge lures were the most popular: 4D Line Thru Pike 48cm, 4D Line Thru Roach 32cm and 4D Line Thru Trout 30cm. New rods from the Salmonoid series, new colors of 4D Herring Shad soft lures or newest 3D Hard Pike lure, were real stars of the show during the whole period of the fair. In our booth, which is next to the swimming pool, everyone could see how the lures work, try on new clothes or match one of the dozens of rods on display to their fishing venue. Sit down in a HighRider kayak and appreciate the advantages of Belly Boat - HighRider. Talks about caught fishes, joint photos and exchange of experiences with the brand's fans lasted continuously for three days. It is worth noting that Savage Gear brand was awarded for one of the best stands at the fair, of which we are very proud.

Thank you all for coming and look forward to meeting you by the water.

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