The Bleak like a living thing

I like to irritate the senses of predators with shape, colour and action of lure. Sometimes, however, you have to reach for something that resembles natural food. This is what the Savage Gear Craft Dying Minnow soft lure is like.

When predators are in the mood to feed, it doesn’t take much effort to make your fishing day a success. On other days, even when we know there are fish around, they just don’t want to feed. It’s at times like these that our ingenuity and creativity as anglers can decide our success. Reaching for more lifelike lures that resemble predator fish’s real food sources is one of my main methods when it gets like this, especially for zander.

On a recent trip, the lure that did the job for me was the Savage Gear Craft Dying Minnow – a lure inspired by real bleak. By using a dropshot method you can work this lure for longer periods in places where you would expect to find predators. The super soft silicone that the lure is made from means you can apply subtle and realistic movements to it with ease that make the lure resemble a dying fish perfectly. Even the laziest of zander will find it hard to turn down such an easy meal.


They look and work like a living thing

The three sizes (5.5cm, 7.5cm and 10cm) and three colour options (roach, perch and blue pearl) of this lure give you a wide range of options when targeting zander in different types of water. You can fish it weightless, but it also works well with a classic jig head too. The rubber of the lure is so soft that it works perfectly under both light and heavy loads, both when rigged the classic way or with the hook through the side.

 Sometimes, you don’t need anything more than a few of these lures and some patience.


Even the cautious zanders can be deceived.