The most Savage man in Sweden – Anton Tsvetkov

Svendsen Sport is about to change the game in Sweden by investing in our Savage Gear brand in the country, as an extension of our Preferred Partner Strategy. The objective is to grow and strengthen the position of Savage Gear and enhance relationships with retailers, social media audiences and end consumers in Sweden. It’s the beginning of something truly exciting for Swedish predator fishing fans..

A full-time marketer, content creator and professional angler

The keys to enhanced communications and relationship building are skills and character. And our new man on the ground in Sweden possesses both in large quantities: Anton Tsvetkov.

Anton is a well-known name on the Swedish predator angling scene. His admirable record of more than 50 pikes over 10kg, with the biggest one topping at 16,4 kg, is only a fraction of his resume – he really knows his way around predator fishing. Anton is also very familiar with media, communication and relationship building. He has attended numerous YouTube fishing channel shows and has had several appearances on national TV in Sweden. Additionally, Anton has published many articles in the angling media in Sweden, Russia and the Ukraine. 

As part of his role, Anton will be travelling around Sweden on the hunt for the best stories to tell and share. He will be fishing and documenting every step of his journey, and will be inviting the masses into his Savage World via Savage Gear’s Swedish social media channels from 1st June, including YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. Anton will deliver new content and attitude to Savage Gear’s already strong social media presence, but will be giving something entertaining, instructional and relevant to the Swedish audience.

The most Savage job in Sweden

Adding an extra dimension in relationship building with the Swedish retailers

Along the way with rods and camera in hand, Anton will be engaging with Swedish retailers, in order to strengthen their relationships with the brand. He will be offering selected retailers the opportunity to team up with him on customised content, which will help contribute to the overall push-and-pull marketing strategy for all Savage Gear partners in Sweden. This is the dawn of a new era.


Thomas Sanotra, Svendsen Sport Director of Product, Purchase and Marketing, said:
“I’m extremely thrilled about the employment of Anton. His Savage approach to both fishing and marketing is unquestionable – having him on board is going to be a cornerstone in our quest to reclaim our Savage legacy in ‘The Kingdom of Big Pikes’ – Sweden. Buckle up, because we’re now set to change the game of modern predator angling – again!”


Anton Tsvetkov said:
“I have been a fanboy of the Savage Gear brand since I was a confused teenager. I learned most of my basic spin fishing skills from following Savage Gear with Mad Grosell and the brand’s remarkably pioneering online presence. This makes this moment in my life quite absurd, but extremely exciting! I am looking forward to flying the Savage flag in victorious fashion. This is going to be something else; you just wait and see.”