The Rattle Trout makes tired pike awake!

When the temperatures drop, the appetite of the big pike grows. Tom Heyer reveals how to successfully fish for big pike in the cold season.

Fish adapt their metabolism to the water temperature, which changes their eating behavior. In the summer months, when the water is warm, they spend more time in the shallow areas and hunt for smaller prey fish more frequently and more often.

As the temperature drops, the water becomes cooler and your metabolism also goes down. The prey has become larger over the summer and with the colder water they also migrate one level lower in their environment. The predators no longer hunt as often during the day and generally orientate themselves towards larger prey. This is good for their lowered metabolism, as they have the chance to get more food and energy for the winter with an attack on a larger prey fish than with smaller prey. 


20 cm is a good winter menu

So, we need a lure that runs a little deeper and at the same time is perceived by the predator because of its size and action. The 4D RATTLE TROUT in 20.5cm and 120g perfectly meets the requirements of the possible prey scheme. The MS /Medium Sink version also runs sufficiently deep to catch the predators at the edge.

For fishing I use a rod that is not too hard in the tip but has enough reserve to drill bigger fish safely. The slightly softer tip of a swimbait rod supports the tempting run of the lure better and also dropouts are less frequent because the rod has better bounce during the drill. The SWIMBAIT 1DFR with its action is very suitable for this fishery, I use the rod with 50-130g casting weight.


Big pike are the prize