The right medicine for rainbows

Rainbow trout is a brave and demanding opponent. That's why I love to catch them.

A violent bite and an immediate jump over the water surface. That's how the fish tries to get rid of the wobbler. I use only wobblers when I'm looking for these predators.

image 2

As soon as it gets warmer, rainbow trout start feeding more aggressively

I fish for rainbow trout all year round, in rivers, lakes or ponds. However, only in spring, when the water temperature rises, these fish become very aggressive. Once they see the lure, they are going for the kill. I mostly use the 3D Goby wobblers. They have the right action and colors, and by raising or lowering rod tip I can lead them in deep or shallow water. Perfect lure for a lot of different conditions, which I need when fishing so many different areas.

image 3

Bright colors work well when the fish are not very active

When fish are in feeding mode, the color of the lure does not matter much. However, when they merely follow the lure without striking, I use for brighter colors. Orange or Firetiger colors seems to cause aggression in the fish and the result is an almost immediate reaction. I often drop the lure into an interesting hole and let it work in the current. Sometimes it can take up towards a minute. I just gently move it forward or backwards. Lures working such a way in the water is rarely ignored by the fish.

image 4

3D Goby - my favorite trout lure

I love river trout, but I also like to go for rainbow trout. For me it is a worthy, brave and unpredictable opponent. Fast departures and numerous jumps are what anglers loves the most. You can especially feel it on delicate rods, like Custom UL with a casting weight of 2-10g. And this is what I use. Thanks to it, I can precisely expose the lure, perfectly guide it in the water and, thanks to its flexibility, control any jumping fish.