The twitching game

Fast jerk then spin stop, flash of the lure and… Bite!!!

I love playing with lures. But to get the best out of a lure, it must be ideally suited to a particular style of fishing - Savage Gear Gravity Twitch is made for twitching.


3 sizes are enough to target different predatory species

There is no single, universally good lure for all predatory fish, but with the right technique, you can target many different species. In my opinion, such a lure is a twitching lure

When I first held the Gravity Twitch in my hand, I could imagine it being attacked by large river trout. The smallest model (6,7 cm) fits perfectly for this fishing. Slightly larger size (8,3 cm) I like for perch, pike and zander. The biggest model (9,5 cm) is the perfect weapon for pikes and zanders.



Perches feeding in the depths will often rise with using this technique

The technique
Quick and controlled jerks with the rod tip and a sudden stop at what is takes for the Gravity Twitch to shoot out to the side and make a light flash with its belly. For many predatory fish, even those that are not that active, it is often a signal that triggers a strike.

The Gravity Twitch is very accurate to cast and with the long casting magnetic system that travel surprisingly far. They are suitable for shallow and overgrown fishing grounds as well as large open areas. Often the only thing I change during a day's fishing is the color and size of the lure.

For many years I have been using the twitching technique and I constantly discover something new. Recently, it turned out that zanders in shallow areas also go for this method. Predators hunting for bleaks cannot resist this flashing and sudden stop. They often take it right in the spinstop.

Autumn is here. This is the best time for predatory fish. Surely, the Gravity Twitch will accompany me during these autumn expeditions.



Zander will also fall for this technique