The upper hand when targeting tigers

In Eastern England it’s been incredibly mild. In fact, I can only think of a half dozen occasions I’ve had to de-ice the car in the morning. In place of ice and snow we’ve endured endless rain leaving many rivers in high flood. Most have been unfishable or at least challenging. This month has been a much-needed break with less rainfall and warming winter sun.

Finally, the rivers are close to normal but not the fish. Rather than being tightly shoaled as they have in past winters. The fish are active and much more spread out. This has brought about its own problems but fun to overcome none the less. With a lack of shoaling fish, the banker spots have been relatively empty. Searching greater distances has been the key, but with short feeding spells it’s been easy to miss an opportunity. From the bank covering ground with a handful of lures I feel most confident in has been the best solution. For me the Cannibal Shad Kit M & Perch Pro Kit 2, contain plenty of options for an exploration day.


Back to the fishing

I met with a friend at the slipway for an afternoons fishing. The river had cleared out quickly. With most of it being around 6-8ft deep and bright sunlight it would prove a challenge. Having done little perch fishing with lures I was keen to get my friend in to some fish. We decided to target the perch in areas with shade and structure, hopping from spot to spot in search of the big ones.

The mobile approach banked us a good score of quality fish on the Rib Worms & 5.5cm Reaction Cray. As quickly as it picked up the action ended, so we went back on hunt. While moving to a new area I located a shoal of baitfish and dropped anchor. I cast deep into a shadowed area and began to work my cray towards the shoal. A few bites followed and a few more cast were made. I connected with a much better fish that fought like a demon against the bright sunlight. A beautiful 40cm+ fish with orange fins glowing in light. The highlight of the day and reward of the mobile approach.