Three pikes over 120cm on one day!

It was a perfect day for big pike fishing at legendary Rugen! This meant to nonstop cast Savage Gear lures!

October 2019 was one of the best months for pike fishing last year. Every day we got big fish! Pike preferred smaller lures, because he fed smaller pray. We used lures up to 20 cm.

image 1

120cm Pike on Cannibal Shad color Minnow

Spinning for big pike not always need to use big lures. There are some periods, when big pike prefer smaller pray. Then perfect lures are from 15cm up to 20cm, like Cannibal Shad and River Roach. The best lures were Herring Shad 16cm and 19cm, Cannibal Shad 15cm and River Roach 18cm. Also, our secret was a new place, which I found on the second day of fishing. None of professional anglers or other guides fished there and fortunately, did not find us for several days.

image 2

122cm Pike on Cannibal Shad color Minnow

The day with three fishes above 120cm began with a strong sun. The water was heavily overexposed. But the wind was rising, and the fishing conditions were improving. There was a change of wind to a strong western one and feeding of pike began. By 10 o'clock we caught a lot of fish in the 90 – 105cm range.

First fish over 120 cm attacked Adam’s River Roach 18 cm in Roach color. Strong fight in clear, shallow water, we all love it so much! It was one of the most beautiful pikes we've ever seen!!! Next one over 120cm came to me. I had most of fishes on Cannibal Shad 15 cm in Minnow color that day, The Big One attacked also same lure! Again, it was very strong bite and great fight! Next one came to Sebastian, after my call that we got big fish. This was second big mama caught on Cannibal Shad 15cm in Minnow color.

Such a great day is quintessence of angling!