When the rumor is true – 3D Sandeel Pencil

8 years ago, I started my adventure with coastal sea trout fishing. The first attempts was difficult – a whole ocean to cast into and a complete lack of experience.

I was waiting for the start of the 2020 season with excitement. I guess I just missed fishing from the beach and the new Sandeel Pencil encouraged me to do so. In recent years my favorite lures have become Seeker ISP and LT Sandeel, all because you can play with them very slowly even in shallow water. And you can do exactly the same with the new Pencil. I love fishing the silver seatrouts this way. Frequent changes of retrieve speed mixed with pauses in spinning make even shy fish to take aggressive. 

At the beginning of January, I went fishing around 9 AM. On the fishing spot I saw that the conditions were perfect. I felt it would be a successful trip. I always make my first casts from the shore, but not ofte the day starts as well as it did this day. The third cast, a short drop of the lure and thick sea trout is hooked on a strong Parabellum CCS 279cm 10-30g rod. Rod works perfectly and hold my silver aggressor, and the brake of Okuma Azores Blue reel once again does not fail. I quickly released the fish into the water and…  Sandeel Pencil catches another one, and another, one and another... In half of an hour I caught four beautiful and very strong sea trout.

I knew from other fellow prostaffers that the Pencil would fish, but I didn't expect it to be so successful. In the next trips, the lure only confirms its effectiveness. So far my number one lure is Black & Red UV color.