Pitching and flipping technique in pike fishing

Pike and bass spend a lot of their time hiding under cover. The follow technique is very effective on luring inactive fish out into the open.


The best selection of seatrout lures

To be the most effective when fishing for seatrout, you only need a handful of lures that can cover most of your fishing. Erik Müller from Savage Gear...


Go big or go home - BIG BAITS

I believe all of us dream of catching a big fish on a lure, especially new anglers. Thanks to swimbaits and the Line Thru concept, I think catching bi...


Concrete wilderness

In the heart of Copenhagen, Denmark, many anglers are starting to see the potential in fishing for saltwater species that swim into the canals of Cope...


Speedtrolling for pike

This is Sean Wit’ most effective tips on how to lure BIG pike with almost forgotten techniques. Read about, why he is still using speedtrolling to giv...


A natural Cannibal

The pike is a hungry and mean fish. It won’t even stand in they way of eating its own kind. Studies show that pikes eating pikes, is a natural self-re...


The Pop Pop Walk technique

I never fish with a predefined technique, I always observe, think and adapt to the situation. This versatile approach has enabled me to learn a few tr...



The only thing I did not know, was that this day would be the day where reality exceeds my dreams of catching, not just a big perch, but monster perch...


The secrets of pike season start

After spawning time, pike fishing is not as straightforward as you might think. Temperature, feeding patterns and the anglers’ ability to read the con...


Awakening inactive monsters

If Groupers are not active, here is how to make them active! Usually, jigs are the masters of bottom species, but sometimes, the jig is too fast for t...