Andy Buckley

Profile of Andy Buckley

  • Date of birth: 10.08.1985
  • Current status: Fishing Guide at
  • Hometown: Derbyshire, England
  • Activities: Pike, Perch, Zander, Chub and Trout
  • Joined the Savage Team: 02.09.2015


When I'm not fishing or guiding (so almost never) I really enjoy writing about or filming fishing! I have a Youtube channel and have loved learning about videography and editing, it's all very high paced!

When I chillout I like to watch cricket, a total change of pace!


I've been fishing since I could walk, for anything that swims! I began bait fishing when I was young, before moving to lure and fly fishing through my teens. I worked at a large UK fishing shop for four years before I needed a change I lived out of a tent in New Zealand, fishing for giant wild trout.

I then took another tackle shop job, this time in London, and while I was there I fished in different parts of the world, including Slovenia for huchen and marble trout, and Mexico for bonefish, tarpon, snook and large barracuda. From here I worked as a fishing guide in the Seychelles for flats fish as well as big game like marlin, sailfish, tuna and mahi-mahi.

The three keys to success

  • Time on the water - fish as much as you possibly can!
  • Watching - be willing to observe a fish before you make your cast, you're always learning!
  • Talk to other anglers - again, be willing to learn from other anglers and their experience!