Ferenc Zimány

Profile of Ferenc Zimány

  • Date of birth: 09.12.1982
  • Current status: Huer on Lake Tisza; lurefishing guide
  • Hometown: Tiszafüred, Hungary
  • Activities: Zander, Pike, Catfish og Asp
  • Joined the Savage Team: 01.01.2018


I was born near the Lake Tisza in a small village. I have studied mathematics and I have been teching it for 10 years. After this I moved back home and started to work as a huer. I have a son and a daughter. My work and my hobby are both closely related to the waters. 


I have been angling since I was a little child. I started with finesse match tackle, and have tried many fishing styles, but since 2000 I practice only lurefishing. I attend Lurefishing competitions for more than 10 years now, and in 2011 I have won the Hungarian Championships and the Hungarian Rapala Cup as well. In 2012 I have been honoured to represent my country at the world predator fishing championships in Ukraine. In the recent years I mostly work as a fishing guide on Lake Tisza and the nearby sections of the Tisza river. I prefer to fish for the bigger sized predators.

The three keys to success

  • Respect for the fish
  • Use your brains and change
  • Don’t give up