Fredrik Jonsson

Profile of Fredrik Jonsson

  • Date of birth: 29.08.1980
  • Current status: Owner of a construction business
  • Hometown: Linköping, Sweden
  • Activities: pike fishing, perch fishing, zander fishing.
  • Joined the Savage Team: 17.06.2020


Living in Linköping Sweden with family and running a construction business. Like for so many others this has resulted in that old hobbies like diving, golf and skydiving has been put on the shelf in favor of spending time on the water fishing as much as possible. Bigger brother to Rikard Jonsson, a team member as well.


It started as for many kids with, angling for roach with a simple pole and a float during the summer in the lake where we lived. When I was about fifteen we got our first real fishing boat and started to focus on pike and perch fishing. The method of choice were trolling with crank baits in the fall.  I think this is the time when pike fishing really stuck to me, and to this day it´s my favourite species to target. During  the summertime we did a lot of perch fishing as well as angling for rainbow trout and  trolling for salmon on the big lakes in Sweden. In later years the biggest drive for me, has been competitive fishing for pike in tournaments around Sweden.

The three keys to success

  • Preparations, know your gear and the water you fish.
  • Don’t be afraid to have a “bad” day on the water, you will always learn something.
  • Have fun while doing it.