Horváth Ferenc

Profile of Horváth Ferenc

  • Date of birth: 27.07.1976
  • Current status: System administrator
  • Hometown: Veszprém, Hungary
  • Activities: Pike, Perch, Asp, Zander and chub fishing, kayakfishing
  • Joined the Savage Team: 01.01.2019


I’ am 43 years old. I was born in Hungary near Lake Balaton. I’ am living now in Veszprém with my wife, my son, and our three dogs.  I work as a system administrator. 


I think I caught my first fish when I was six years old.  I have two brothers, and my father built for us a fishing rod of bamboo. I think my first fish was a sunfish, or a bleak.  I stopped fishing when I was eighteen, and I started it again fifteen years ago. For nine years I have a blog, and I have two youtube channels too. From 2015 I am a member of the Hungarian Savage Gear team. I ‘am fishing for all species as I can at Lake Balaton, and some rivers.

The three keys to success

  • To go fishing more than I can!
  • Work, work, work!
  • Humility