Matthieu Faurisson

Profile of Matthieu Faurisson

  • Date of birth: 20.03.1981
  • Current status: I work in the paper industry for 20 years
  • Hometown: Limoges, France
  • Activities: I love pike fishing, perch fishing, sea-bass fishing, zander fishing… In reality, near all the water predators fishing.
  • Joined the Savage Team: 01.01.2015


Hello everybody. I’m Matthieu FAURISSON. I’m married and father of 2 children. I’m fishing since I was 5 and I practice my passion anywhere I can catch some fishs with lures.

I love pike fishing that I practice really regularly and for which one I make (so) many kilometers, hoping to catch the biggest specimens.

But to be honest, I have the feeling to be born to fish and I love fishing all the predators from clear water and from the sea. That’s the reason why I spend all my free time on the water.


I love big water. That’s the reason why I go fishing in the biggest lakes of France, Spain and Switzerland. On these big waters, there are many parameters to take into account to succeed. Then, you need to have a good reflexion if you want to catch some fishs, and I love that. Especially that on these water, you never know which size of fish you can catch.

The three keys to success

  • Fishing regularly
  • Questioning oneself regularly
  • Fishing with Savage Gear lures !