Radek Staszkow

Profile of Radek Staszkow

  • Date of birth: 14.08.1984
  • Current status: part time angler, full time legend
  • Hometown: -, Ireland
  • Activities: predator fishing, gym, cycling
  • Joined the Savage Team: 09.12.2013


I’m a 35 year old father of two originally from Poland. In Ireland 11 years trying to live my best life.

I like to stay active so gym is my second addiction.


All started in Poland with a hook and a worm when my neighbour took me to a local pond. The second I hooked my first fish which was a small crucian. That very second I know I found a passion. First years of fishing were all about bream and crucian. My predator fishing started in Ireland. The pike obsession started when I hooked my first descent pike. Since then I stayed loyal to the spinning rod and I don’t think that it will ever change.

The three keys to success

  • Right water
  • Right time
  • Right Gear